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About Swar Eldahab Medical Company Ltd

Swar Eldahab Medical Company is a pharma distribution company, established by Dr. Salah Swar Eldahab in 1992.

Our Distribution Channel

  • A strong team that consists of Sales representatives and ‎pharmacists and cars, Swar Eldahab medical Company ‎covers around 1500 pharmacies in Khartoum state.‎
  • Swar Eldahab Medical Company operates through a ‎network of Local distributors in the major citis and remote ‎areas of the country to insure our products are available to ‎customers all over the country.‎
  • Our marketing team also conducts a regular visit to the ‎Local distributors to ensure the proper promotion of the ‎products by the local representatives.‎
  • Swar Eldahab Medical Company is a regular participant in ‎the CMS ( Central Medical Supplies ) tender.‎
  • Swar Eldahab Medical Company also deals with potential ‎customers like National Health Insurance, Ministry of ‎Health ( Medical Supplies ), Military hospitals and health ‎supplies, Police force hospitals and medical supplies.‎

Our Mission ‎

     The company is specialized in importing and distributing quality ‎MEDICINES, Food and FOOD SUPPLEMENTS, COSMETICS, and ‎HEALTH PRODUCTS from different countries.‎ Our Aim is to satisfy our clients and partners expectation by ‎providing totally customized services that are fast, reliable, cost ‎effective and which add-value.